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Worship Music

Glorious Expression

Worshiping the Lord is glorious. We Christians sing in the car, at work, and throughout the day. Yet, as great as our personal enjoyment of music is, Christian music increases in pleasure and meaning when we lift our voices together. Better still, we are told in Scripture that the Lord is glorified by His people’s praise when we sing together. What a gift it is, then, that God has given us the ability to give expression to our faith in song!
At Grace Bible Church, we believe great Christian music holds the believer’s heart close to the Lord. Not only that, but great music also teaches us to trust in the Lord. Our faith in Him is strengthened when our music is connected to sound doctrine and our difficult experiences. Over and over again, we are instructed in the Bible to look to God for His help in our sorrows by truthful music sung with others. Isn’t it remarkable how we Christians so often find strength for the trials of life by great and godly music, sung together?

Varied Styles

Add to that the pleasure enjoyed by those who make music for the Lord! Those who work hard to understand the music, and then perform it, not only interact with great music intelligently, but also enjoy the privilege of serving their brethren in worship. They are like the holy musicians of old, knowing the unique blessing of duty and pleasure mingled with truth and beauty. Their offering to the Lord is double blessed, for we who sing are led by those who serve.


True, there is no one particular musical style that is adequate to express the full range of biblical truth or of Christian experience. That’s why we intentionally use many styles to comfort and encourage believers. We all know that styles come and go, but that God’s promises conveyed by music do not. Our musicians serve with many styles, always striving to perform them with excellence.


We’ll employ orchestration, choirs, and solo performance to lead our congregation in contemplation and faithful expression of the glories of God, suitable for all ages.

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